For these players, we look at the top-10 NBA players that are tattoo-free. Butler is living proof that stereotypes and assumptions are wrong because the man in Miami had defied all odds to get to where he is. (Hi, Chris Andersen, wherever you are.). Allen Iverson. NBA players have a lot of tattoos because it's apart of basketball culture, many players have small tattoos that are made up of one big tattoo, usually covering their arms and torso. However, unfortunately the tattoo we want to shout out is the one that is covered by an arm sleeve while he plays. We're not entirely sure why a guy who grew up in North Carolina and went to college in Louisville has a Willie tattoo. James Harden is a true NBA journeyman. Tattoos have long been a form of expression both in and outside of the NBA. 2 draft pick taken one slot ahead of Michael Jordan in 1984 . Finally, on his chest, close to his heart, there is a set of praying hands in between his mother and grandmothers initials. In addition, he got inked a growling bulldog on his left arm and the words The Answer (his nickname). 1 overall pick in 2016. When are fastpitch softball tryouts in Tucson, AZ? It's hard to knock a Martin Luther King Jr. tattoo. Why doesnt Shailene Woodley have any tattoos? Some Japanese players even retire after playing here so they can use the money they make to pay for their tattoos. This is the ink equivalent of movies like "Hurricane Heist." The Pelicans forward is one of the most high-profile and fun-to-watch players in all of the NBA. To showcase their wealth because tattoos are expensive. If taking it all home wasnt enough, its unlikely anything ever will be. Visit our website terms of use and permissions pages at for further information. At 18-9, the 76ers lead the Eastern Conference. What percentage of NBA players would you say don't have tattoos? On top of this ink, the new Laker has "Super Cool Beas" tattooed across his back. Lakers superstar LeBron James, for instance, has a crowned lion on his right bicep. Gortat, who was traded to the Clippers this offseason in exchange for Austin Rivers, has a tattoo on his leg in honor of Michael Jordan and his Jumpman logo. Butler began wearing sleeves during his first season with Minnesota in 2014-15, when he played for former Chicago Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau. Stars like James, Lillard, McGrady, Kobe, and the like, their tattoo designs can be described as very classic, well-known to fans. Bubble letters on a tattoo? Some players will ink up their bodies to the fullest, like Michael Beasley, and others that want to keep the slate clean. Allen went one step further and named his son Rahsaan. Damian Lillard is one of the most talented guards today. You have fashion weeks you can go to, and it's just a different way to network and connect - I mean, on, like, a business scale. Unlike many of his NBA colleagues who love to showcase their body ink, Kevin Durant kept most of his tattoos hidden for a long period of time. Though some have questioned his defensive effort in the past, The Beard seems to be showing some improvement on that end of the floor. Unfortunately, he failed to perform well as a first-rounder in the NBA as injuries, hairdos, and tattoos were much more talked about than his game. That was all him, and that's still here. Despite his personality and style, he still has nothing on his skin. Many players like Curry, Paul and Duncan actually have tattoos on their bodies, but the patterns are small or hidden in inconspicuous places. People who get them commonly do so to reflect a personal love or interest. While he wasnt a top prospect, teams paid him for his hustle which allowed him to carve out a lengthy NBA career. Furthermore, they may also symbolize a meaningful moment in a players life. The Sports Management As such, he hasnt had anything permanent to ink just yet. For these players, we look at the top-10 NBA players that are tattoo-free. 2023 Dunk or Three. A rose and his mothers name, Wanda, are also inked on his chest. We have one question though: What the heck is this thing on his arm? One study has found that about 56% of NBA players are tattooed.In contrast . Birdman flanked his eye-catching mohawk hairstyle with two skulls (back of his head), and the words GIVE ME WAR and FOREVER NIGHTMARE on the back of his neck. It's the shrug emoji equivalent of a tattoo. Anything you can think of is probably etched on his body: crosses, crowns, swords, skulls, chains, birds, phoenix wings, Chinese symbols, dices, stars, numbers, etc. Though some have questioned his defensive effort in the past, The Beard seems to be showing some improvement on that end of the floor. Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy. View Profile View Forum Posts NBA Superstar Join Date Jul 2006 Posts 14,559. Playing the power forward position instead of his traditional point guard role, Simmons is trying out something new in the NBA bubble. Required fields are marked *. Michael McCann. What are the principles architectural types of Islam? But, even if he has no tattoos on his arms, his chest, abdomen, back, and legs tell a different story about Christianity, faith, family, gratitude, and respect. Chris Morgan is a sports and pop culture writer and the author of the booksThe Comic Galaxy of Mystery Science Theater 3000andThe Ash Heap of History. Antetokounmpo is in position to repeat as the NBAs Most Valuable Player, which is quite the accomplishment. Getting inked up is common in the NBA. Simmons has a proclivity for the flashy. All rights reserved. Paul continues to put up solid numbers, even into his mid-30s. From arm sleeves to cartoon characters, insane masks, Chinese symbols, motivational phrases, tribal ink, nicknames, portraits, or tattoos that tell a personal story, NBA players seem to use their bodies as a canvas for colorful and eye-catching self-expression. Many of todays great athletes are known for their distinct works of body art. In August, Smith . Muscala's Mario tattoo looks great, and he's a delightful and beloved pop culture icon that is instantly recognizable. The right side of his chest displays the words Tiaura and Deuce, the names of his son and daughter. Like Ball, Clarkson was also drafted by the Lakers. Editor at WittyFeed, followed by a stint at Decathlon. How do you find the rational number between 3 and 4? He is one of a few footballers without tattoos. We're also fascinated by whatever is going on right next to it with the power, heart and volume symbols. graduate leads an active lifestyle, veering to the mountains for off-trail If there is a player that started the trend, it was Dennis Rodman. It's a personal decision that doesn't impact their game. Seeing him without the tattoos felt like a missing puzzle piece to The Worms defensive presence. Sporting over 35 tattoos, most of them are dedicated to those people, places, and events that impacted his life. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Affiliate Disclosure: We may earn commissions from purchases made on Amazon via our links. DeShawn-Stevenson-Tattoo. Even some members of the NBA team itself have tattoos. DeShawn Stevenson. Who owns the tattoo rights on an athletes body? Here we have a gallery of the most tattooed NBA players and stories behind the great variety of their tattoos. Zion is arguably the most-hyped player coming into the NBA since LeBron James. Stephen Dunn/Getty Images. Escobedo had originally . It is extremely unusual in the NBA for a player to have no ink on his skin.Other prominent players are Klay Thompson (GSW), Joel Embiid (Sixers), Kyle Lowry (Raptors), and Nikola Jokic (Raptors). To express themselves and look cool. It was only just a few years ago when the 31-year-old gave fans a glimpse of his impressive set of tattoos. As a tribute to his relationship with the Chicago Bulls, Rodman etched two bulls on both sides of his chest. Are there any NBA players without tattoos? His lack of tattoos is perhaps an example of that mentality. Iverson took a cue from Rodman and continued the trend, to the point now where roughly 70% of NBA players have tattoos. Below this tattoo, he also carved the word Loyalty in Chinese. Perhaps having words framed to look like a suit is a bit convoluted, but the artwork is immensely impressive. 3. That being said, what's this? It could also be that hes simply never found a need. Embiid is a jovial character, and his smile is contagious. In 2015, news broke that Butler had been charged with two counts of domestic violence against two different women. The Golden Age of Tennis, 22 Most Beautiful Female Beach Volleyball Players in the world, Top 25 Hottest Female Surfers in the World Right Now, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Biography & Personal Life Facts, Kyle Lowry Biography Facts, Childhood, Net Worth, Life. Tattoos are pretty popular in the NBA. In addition, it may not be well-known. He eventually became 6th Man of the Year in 2021. Below, you can check out a gallery containing some of the coolest tattoo designs on the bodies of current NBA athletes, from role players to superstars. The NBA star takes great pride in being a father and shares a great love for his little daughter. Kemba was the face of the Charlotte Hornets franchise for eight years. He paid fines for code violations. Some people speculated he would get a few to celebrate his entrance into the league, but it seems the high-flying superstar is content with not having any right now. To remember someone or something that they love. Its a personal decision, after all. That said, it can be argued that all-star center Moses Malone had one earlier in the decade when he played with the Portland Trail Blazers. Players unions, many of which license the players likenesses to video game publishers, and sports agents have advised athletes to secure licensing agreements before they get tattooed. Now, affording any luxury is out of the question. This was his first arm tattoo, but like many others whove had a taste of tattooing, it wouldnt be his last. How many points do you get for winning a basketball game? There is a tattoo on his left arm to honor his son, Rahsaan. The 67 forward player signed a 4-year $142 million contract with the Miami Heat in 2019. He is perhaps one of the few most tattooed NBA players of all time. The guard is anything but showy. A few NBA players have Super Mario tattoos. In 2015, however, the former Kentucky Wildcat joked that he would get a Louisville Cardinal tattooed on his forehead for an NBA championship. The NBA star takes great pride in being a father and shares a great love for his little daughter. Rather, hes a hard working superstar who just goes out and does his job. Nowadays, over 70% of the NBA players are all inked up. It's so disturbing. 1. Beyond his rebounding and shooting prowess, Jokic is also an excellent facilitator and arguably the best passing center in the game today. So, while he didnt get it until a few years later, James famous Witness tattoo on his leg would have had to be whited-out. Some choose a design, symbol, or name that has meaning to them. Back when his father was making headlines, Ball was just a guard trying to live up to the expectations and play ball. Having ink doesnt make someone great, nor does it mean they arent as good as someone else. Who knew they would work this well? Still, hes chosen not to get anything permanent on his body for the time being. This text may not be in its final form and may be updated or revised in the future. Will there be more? By, This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google. Hes now a proud member of the tattooed NBA players group. James might sport some serious tattoos all over his body these days, but back in high school, the private school actually made he and his teammates cover up their ink during games. No tattoos.. But a tattoo stands out and is closely connected to his nickname and the famous song by Lynyrd Skynyrd: the FREE BIRD phrase with colored flames on his neck. Last edited by JtotheIzzo; 12-26-2008 at 03:23 AM . Simmons is a 6-foot-7 point guard, which is very hard to come by these days. However, he still doesnt have anything and likely never will. While hes in the media more than Thompson or Butler, Embiid is another contained superstar. Little LeBron before tattoos. As far as photorealistic tattoos on NBA players go, this may be the best of the bunch. Fresh sees Westbrook as a trailblazer. What is Isomalto-oligosaccharides used for? Coming into the league, Swift had no visible tattoos that carried high expectations. Others will use words designed in art. You can follow him on Twitter @ChrisXMorgan. While it feels like this would be a tattoo that a My Little Pony gone rogue would get, it's a sharp design. Are there any NBA players without tattoos? As a homage to the Golden State Warriors, Ellis had their logo etched on his back with a dove, his initials, the word Faith, palms, and the number 72. It is very rare in the NBA that a player carries no ink on his skin. The answer may lie in Jimmy Butler's history of abuse toward women. But what does he still lack? How do I know if my valve spring is broken? He often wears custom suits from brands such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Prada. Simmons is somebody that can average close to a triple-double on any given night. Despite winning everything in his career, Robert Lewandowski chooses to be humble and refuses to wear any tattoo on his body. On his left leg, he has a Homer Simpson, which is awesome. NBA Twitter reacts to Mac McClung winning dunk contest: 'How Rob Pelinka let him go is beyond me'. From his work on "Project Runway" to Bleacher Report, he lays it all out. Ben Simmons It might seem surprising to some people, but Ben Simmons is another well-known player without any tattoos. Unsurprisingly, one of them is Mario Chalmers, but he's not currently playing in the NBA. However, we wanted to single out a simple tattoo he has on his leg that reads, "Witness," which may call to mind those Nike ads. Name These NBA Stars without Tattoos! While his three-point shooting percentage is considerably low, he makes up for it with his defense and ball-handling skills. In fact, during that time period, more than 100 players received tattoos of their initials. Chandler is absolutely covered in tattoos. All rights reserved. He connected that love with chances of getting inked and further expressed, I hope that I get my daughters name tattooed on me one day, but I highly doubt.. He can score in multiple ways and shines the brightest during Dame Time. But after being traded to the Pelicans, Ball shocked fans on social media for going full blast in terms of body ink. The only superstar duo without tattoos is Embiid and Simmonds. You could go a lot of different ways with a tattoo featuring The Greek Freak as its headline, but the Milwaukee Bucks superstar doesnt have any ink yet. King James is tatted up to the nines, and for the most part his ink looks good. He played for a range of teams and never won a championship. please like, comment and subscribe for more videos to come. From the Dennis Rodmans and Chris Andersens of yesteryear through today, the NBA has always been filled with colorful athletes who cover their bodies in eye-catching tattoos. Other brands, like Russell Westbrook's Honor The Gift, are fueled by aspiration and invested in their communities. GALVAN: Players didn't always have that swag, that freedom to express themselves through their fits. The reason that may shock some people is that hes a stylized player who loves being in the spotlight. In addition, it may not be well-known. So, the question is: why would someone who makes over $20 million per year not want any ink on their body? Don't ask me why but I always pictured him having tats. He was still a young but talented player who was trying to make a name for himself. Seems like the vast majority of players you see nowadays (especially the younger ones) are hugely tatted up. Below, you can check out a gallery containing some of the coolest tattoo designs on the bodies of current NBA athletes, from role players to superstars. Reasons why NBA players get tattoos. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Team Stephen at Staples Center on February 18, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. Sometime after joining the Bulls in 2017, he stopped wearing sleeves. Both factors could show why the superstar doesnt have anything on his body. Why do NBA Players have So Many Tattoos? Try and take a close look at it sometime. "Carpe Diem" is a pretty well-worn phrase. Nikola Jokic. During this time, he was the schools leading scorer and best three-point shooter before transferring to St. Benedicts. Still a scrawny kid back then, Melo showed glimpses of his scoring prowess that even made headlines when he rivaled LeBron James in the high school basketball scene. Not every tattoo has to be meaningful or vibrant. Top 10 NBA Players Without Tattoos Ben Simmons. As his tattoos increased, Clarksons game also improved. With NBA playoffs underway, players are showing off their talents and their style. In addition to the athletes mentioned above, several other notable people have tattoos of their favorite teams or players. Everyone has their own choice when it comes to tattoos. To intimidate opponents through instilling fear. Grant Hill Michael Finley uh uh uh Damn! Some of the artwork is cool. It's too busy. This massive 'Free Bird' tattoo is . June 21, 2020. He also has Quagmire from "Family Guy," which is not so awesome. As you probably recall from Smith's shirtless summer of celebration, J.R. is basically covered in tattoos. Jimmy Butler's "no tattoos" stance The five-time NBA All-physique Star's is devoid of tattoos. GALVAN: Iverson's looks were edgier, baggier and more akin to hip-hop culture, and Iverson wasn't having it. Sunderland-born England star Henderson, 29, got the tattoo while on holiday in California. PILAR GALVAN, BYLINE: Lance Fresh knows how to dress. He also didnt have any visible ink when he entered the league in 2014. However, the undeniable fact is tattoos certainly change how a player looks. If there was another player that had a notorious reputation, it was Allen Iverson. Some of the game's best players in LeBron James, Damian Lillard, and Anthony Davis are known for their tattoos. He is hot-headed on the court, but very much chilled off it. He has an extensive knowledge of football, basketball, and baseball, but he also likes to play other sports like soccer and hockey. SECRET Tattoo Meanings Of NBA Players..Welcome back to Latest Hoops. As a Skyline High School star growing up in Oakland, California, and playing alongside Gary Payton, Foster's teammates often called him "Bowie" for his resemblance to Sam Bowie, the infamous No. He hasnt said hes opposed to the idea, but its likely that he wont be getting any at least until he finds a way to get a championship. All-Time Heat. Lillard has a psalm tattoo down his upper left arm. Tattoos are extremely popular in the NBA. It looks kind of like a hockey mask, but no matter how much time we spend staring at it, we can't figure it out. Tattoos are one way of expression. Those tattoos gave a nod to his priorities such as his love for basketball and family. What we're singling out here is that pig though. Tattoos are very common in Japan, where many basketball players have them done there because of the close-knit community of basketball fans. Who is your favorite football player of all time? Credit: Philadelphia Inquirer. Why did LeBron have to cover his tattoos? Tattoos have been away for individuals to express themselves through art on their skin. Some players, like Jason Richardson, called the code racist. There is too much going on here. The first known NBA player to get a tattoo was Larry Nance of the Denver Nuggets on December 2, 1977. Re: Name 10 current black players without tattoos? Football and hockey players wear helmets, as do baseball players when they bat and caps when they are in the field. For this piece, lets take a look at what famous tattooed NBA players looked like when they had none. Russell has a lot of tattoos. The Joker, as Jokic is known, has established himself as one of the NBAs best big men. NPR's Pilar Galvan says there's some history behind the clothes. The dragons wings cover his shoulders. According to the New York Daily News, the rule does not specifically mention tattoos, but the intent is clear. Karl-Anthony Towns. Your email address will not be published. Then he was off to Minnesota, Philadelphia, and finally, Miami. And I learned that players and athletes, that's what they really want to talk about. By HoopsHype staff | However, despite his recent MVP achievements, he still has no tattoos. What is Darius Garlands Height, Weight, and Wingspan? Exactly the type of athlete who would abstain from ink. People assume that rappers in the hip-hop industry have a lot of tattoos but that stereotype simply doesnt apply. 1 overall pick in 2015. There are more tattoos equally significant for Allen: the word JEWELZ (his rap artist moniker), the words Fame and The Realist on his back, the words East End (left leg), See You When I Get There (left arm), or the terms Finest and Bad Newz (right forearm). Those in the league often have them as homages to their family, or as small mementos to the game they love. . The "Sacrifice" on the stomach may be gilding the lily, but the lettering is impeccable on that tattoo. Also known as Birdman, Chris Andersen sports an impressive brightly colored collection of tattoos, covering 75% of his body. | That's what matters most. However, only a few basketball players do. Well root for that. Some other notable names are. His NBA career began in Chicago, where he played six seasons with the Bulls. Copyright 2023 YB Media, LLC. A player may not, during any NBA game, display any commercial, promotional, or charitable name, mark, logo or other identification, including, but not limited to, on his body, in his hair, or otherwise. According to the New York Daily News, the rule does not specifically mention tattoos, but the intent is clear. Many players like Curry, Paul and Duncan actually have tattoos on their bodies, but the patterns are small or hidden in inconspicuous places. Hes played for several teams in his career. Heaviest Sumo Wrestler List, 25 Best 80s Tennis Players. Thanks for signing up. Who was the first NBA player to get a tattoo? Going with the nickname 'Birdman,' Chris Claus Anderson pops at the top of the list when it comes to the most tattooed players of the NBA.
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